How to Have an Easy Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Surgery

calendar_month November 1, 2020


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If you’re having wisdom teeth surgery, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure you enjoy a smooth recovery. We’re sharing tips with you here, from how to clean your teeth to foods to avoid to pain management strategies.


With his decades of experience and specialized training, Dr. Gregg Bobier will ensure both your wisdom teeth procedure and recovery go well. If you suspect you may need wisdom teeth removal, call us today at 248-656-8880.


Start With an Experienced Surgeon


First and foremost, we recommend choosing an oral surgeon instead of a general dentist for your wisdom teeth surgery. Having your procedure performed by a surgeon not only keeps you comfortable during your extraction but will help you enjoy an easier recovery too. An oral surgeon is:



Plan Ahead for Your Recovery


Chances are, you’ll want to take it easy on the day of treatment and a day or two after your wisdom teeth surgery. So we recommend:



In most cases, your extraction won’t take more than an hour. Dr. Bobier will numb your mouth with local anesthesia, so you won’t feel a thing. During the visit where we plan your surgery, he’ll discuss sedation with you. You can choose to receive IV sedation if you’re nervous or worried about discomfort. It will make you less aware of sights, sounds, and sensations during your surgery.


Take It Easy on Your Teeth – and the Rest of You Too


To stop bleeding, apply firm but gentle pressure with clean gauze. You can also substitute a damp tea bag. Use black tea, which contains tannins that promote clotting. As with any wound, you’ll want to encourage blood clotting to facilitate healing. So it’s important to avoid anything that might interfere with clotting.


That includes brushing and flossing your teeth. For the first 24 hours, clean your teeth by gently rinsing your mouth with lukewarm salt water. Don’t spit out the water; just lean over a sink and let it dribble out of your mouth.


For the first three days or so, you should avoid:



Stick to Soft Foods at First


You’ll also want to consume mostly soft foods in the days following your wisdom teeth surgery. Good choices include applesauce, soup (not too hot), pasta, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and smoothies. In addition to tough-to-chew foods, you’ll want to skip:



After the first few days, you can resume a more typical diet.


Dealing With Discomfort From Wisdom Teeth Surgery


Thanks to Dr. Bobier’s experience, you should only experience mild discomfort and swelling. But you may be a bit uncomfortable at first. Depending on your situation, we may prescribe a pain medication. However, in many cases an over-the-counter pain reliever is all that’s needed. To help control pain and swelling, you can apply an ice pack. If your jaw still feels sore after 36 hours, applying moist heat should help.


Your stitches will dissolve, so you won’t need to return to our office for removal. You should notify us ASAP if you experience a fever, continued pain, pus, or any other signs of infection.


There’s no need to worry about wisdom teeth surgery! We’ll do all we can to ensure your procedure and recovery both go smoothly. To visit Gregg D. Bobier, DMD in Oakland County, MI, call us today at 248-656-8880.