Oral Pathology


Maintain a Healthy Mouth With Oral Pathology


One of the keys to having a healthy body is to have a healthy mouth. If your mouth is diseased, it can put the health of your entire body at risk. That’s why it’s important to follow up on any areas of concern in your mouth. Dr. Gregg Bobier is a specialist in oral surgery who can help you with oral pathology in Clarkston. He can examine your mouth and recommend treatment accordingly so you can:



Contact us today if you see any suspicious areas in your mouth. We can help! Call 248-656-8880 (Rochester) or 248-625-4492 (Clarkston) to make an appointment. Our practice is located on Sashabaw Road, next to McDonald’s.


Trust Our Years of Expertise Treating Oral Diseases


Without a healthy mouth, it’s hard to have a healthy body. At Gregg D. Bobier, DMD, we help you maintain a healthy mouth so that you can enjoy optimal health overall. When you come to us with an oral spot or lesion, Dr. Bobier will examine and assess the condition of your mouth.


If necessary, he will take a biopsy of the tissue inside your mouth to send to our lab partner. This process takes only a couple of minutes, and we’ll make sure that area of your mouth is completely numb.


The lab will analyze the sample and send us the results. Dr. Bobier and our team can then recommend treatment as needed to get your oral health back on track. Most of the time, oral lesions aren’t cancerous, but it’s always a good idea to have them checked out. We would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to your oral health.


Oral pathology in Rochester and Clarkston can help you enjoy an overall healthy body. Call us today at 248-656-8880 (Rochester) or 248-625-4492 (Clarkston) if you need to make an appointment.


Common Questions About Oral Pathology


What is oral pathology?

Oral pathology is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in the mouth, jaw, and neck. It is important because we can often tell how healthy a person is by the health of their mouth. If you have unusual lesions or bumps in your mouth, it may indicate oral problems like cancer or health problems in the rest of your body.


How can oral pathology help me?

The earlier we can catch and treat oral diseases, the greater the chances of a successful outcome. In particular, oral cancer has a much better outcome the earlier it is treated. In addition, diagnosing oral health problems can help your medical professionals find hidden health problems elsewhere in your body.


Who performs oral pathology?

Oral pathology is a combined effort by Dr. Bobier and our lab partner. If we see a suspicious lesion or patch in your mouth, we’ll most likely take a biopsy to send to the lab. A lab technician will analyze the sample and send us a report. If any problems are revealed, Dr. Bobier will then recommend treatment based on the findings.