Oral Surgery


Count on Our Team For Top-Level Oral Surgery in Rochester


Dental surgery is sometimes necessary to keep your oral health in good shape. If you happen to need oral surgery in Rochester, turn to a specialist to help you maintain your smile. For more than 20 years, Dr. Bobier has served the Oakland County area, so you can feel good about trusting him with your smile. Here are a few good reasons to come to our practice when you need an oral surgical procedure:



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We Can Handle All Your Oral Surgery Needs Right Here


Dr. Bobier is an accomplished oral surgeon who has been taking care of patients for decades. If you need surgery on your mouth, then you’ve come to the right place. He and our team look forward to meeting you and helping you restore your smile. Among the oral surgery services we offer are:


Other types of oral surgery Dr. Bobier offers include biopsies on suspicious areas, nerve repositioning, socket preservation, ridge augmentation, treatment for cleft lip and palate, and treatment for tumors and cysts.

Visit a dental team that is dedicated to providing you the best care possible. Call Gregg D. Bobier, DMD today at 248-625-4492 to schedule a consultation for oral surgery in Rochester.



Common Questions About Oral Surgery


When would I need oral surgery?

You might need oral surgery for a number of reasons, including extraction for a damaged tooth, wisdom teeth removal for problematic teeth, dental implant placement, bone grafts, jaw reconstruction, cleft lip and palate treatment, and biopsies on suspicious lesions or patches. This is only a partial list why you might need Dr. Bobier’s services.


When is oral surgery covered by insurance?

Your dental insurance or medical insurance may cover a portion of your oral surgery cost. We recommend you check with your individual carriers to find out what they will and won’t pay for before you have any work done. That way there aren’t any big surprises in store for you. As a convenience, we offer third-party financing through CareCredit.


When can I exercise after oral surgery?

For the first 24 hours after oral surgery, you shouldn’t attempt any sort of exercise. Doing too much too soon can cause problems. For example, strenuous exercise could loosen the blood clot on a tooth extraction site and cause a painful dry socket. After the first day, limit your exercise to low-impact activities for a few more days to be on the safe side.