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Tooth Extraction

Come See Us For Gentle Tooth Removal in Rochester


When you need one or more teeth removed, you want a specialist who is well equipped to handle any situation that might arise. As an oral surgeon, Dr. Gregg Bobier has been taking good care of his patients for over 20 years. He and our team have the expertise you want when it comes to tooth removal in Rochester. Here are a few benefits of having your teeth removed at our practice:



Call the office of Gregg D. Bobier, DMD today at 248-656-8880 if you have a tooth that’s causing you pain or if you need teeth removed to make room for orthodontics or dentures. We’re conveniently located on West University Drive, just across the street from St. John Lutheran Church.


Get Your Teeth Extracted by an Expert


The pain from a damaged or diseased tooth can be excruciating. It can be difficult to eat or drink, let alone get restful sleep. That’s where a specialist like Dr. Bobier comes in. If your tooth isn’t able to be saved, you can turn to him to remove your tooth and get your oral health back on track. Other reasons for tooth removal include upcoming orthodontic work or removing remaining teeth so you can get full dentures or an implant solution like All-on-4®. In all these situations, Dr. Bobier can help.


You won’t feel any pain when your tooth is pulled. Dr. Bobier will make sure that the area around the tooth is completely numb using a local anesthetic. You may feel a little pressure, but you won’t feel any discomfort. We also have IV sedation available if you’d rather be in a sleeplike state during your procedure. Before you know it, your tooth will be out.


Our team will provide you with complete aftercare instructions so that you know exactly what to do while your mouth heals. Be sure to take it easy for a few days after your oral surgery, and don’t do any sort of exercise for the first 24 hours afterward.


Replace Your Missing Tooth With a Dental Implant


If you have a single tooth removed, it is always best to replace your tooth as soon as possible. Without a tooth in place, your other teeth can begin to shift positions and cause bite issues. This may cause you discomfort or make it difficult to chew your food properly.


A dental implant is an excellent way to replace your missing tooth. Dr. Bobier can place an implant where your tooth was. After a few months, the implant and your jawbone will have integrated, and the two will become one. Your implant will then be ready for a new crown to be attached by your dentist.


If you’ve had multiple teeth removed, an implant-supported bridge or implant-secured dentures may be a good option for you. Regardless, your new teeth will give you a complete smile once again and make biting and chewing easier. The implants will also help preserve your jawbone, stimulating it to produce new bone cells just like natural teeth do. You won’t have to worry that the structure of your face will change due to bone loss.


If you need tooth removal in Rochester, visit the experts at Gregg D. Bobier, DMD. Call us today at 248-656-8880 to schedule a consultation.


Common Questions About Tooth Removal / Extractions


How much does a tooth extraction cost?

It is difficult to put a price on this service since each patient is different, with unique needs. Other factors that come into play include the location of the tooth, its condition, and how many teeth need to be removed. We’ll be happy to examine your mouth when you come in for your initial consultation and X-rays. Then we can give you a good idea of the cost for your procedure.


How long does it take a tooth extraction to heal?

For most types of extractions, you can expect the site to heal within seven to 10 days. You actually play a role in how quickly you heal, however. We’ll give you complete aftercare instructions for you to follow. The closer you stick to these guidelines, the quicker and more comfortable your healing period will be.


Does a tooth extraction hurt?

You can rest assured that our team will do all we can to minimize any discomfort from your procedure. We’ll completely numb the area we’re working on so you don’t feel anything. In addition, we offer IV sedation that will put you in a sleeplike state so you can lie back peacefully while we work. We may also give you a prescription for pain medication afterward. Our goal is to provide you the most comfortable care we can.


What is dry socket after tooth extraction?

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that formed where your tooth was removed is dislodged or dissolves. The nerves and bone are then left exposed to food and air, creating intense pain. If you rinse and spit often after your extraction, use a straw, or eat hard foods, you increase your chances of experiencing dry socket.