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Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Implants

calendar_month June 1, 2022


Like many of our patients once were, you may be tired of living with missing teeth and a damaged smile. Just as we did for them, we can rebuild your smile using dental implants. Dr. Gregg Bobier's implant expertise can help you: Eat and enjoy all your favorite foods againSmile more confidently when socializingLook younger, more attractive, and ...

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How to Avoid Dry Socket After Tooth Removal

calendar_month May 1, 2022


The good news about dry socket is it occurs rarely, in less than 5 percent of tooth removals. The bad news is, it really hurts!. It also interferes with the healing process. It occurs when the blood clot forming at your extraction site gets damaged or dislodged. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid dry socket. If you ...

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IV Sedation Helps You Get Your Smile Back

calendar_month March 1, 2022


Feeling nervous about your upcoming oral surgery? We understand! However, there’s really no reason to be anxious. We use IV sedation that puts you in a twilight, sleeplike state so you don’t feel a thing. Plus you won’t experience the sights, sounds, or smells of the procedure either. You’ll wake up without any memory of what happened ...

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Conquering Dental Anxiety

Importance of Conquering Your Dental Anxiety

calendar_month February 1, 2022


It’s understandable to feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist! Unfortunately, many people let that anxiousness keep them from getting the treatment they deserve. If you need help conquering your dental anxiety, it’s important to remember there is less to be afraid of than you realize. Today, we are sharing a video by the American ...

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Let Your New Smile Light Up the Room

calendar_month December 1, 2021


Even if you’re spending the holidays with family, you want to look nice and make a good impression. That’s true whether you’re sitting around talking or taking selfies to post on Facebook. Why not light up the room with a new smile? You can get started on dental implants this December and have a beautiful, white smile sooner than you might ...

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Be Grateful For New Teeth This Thanksgiving

calendar_month November 1, 2021


If you’re missing teeth or wearing dentures, it’s time to make a new tradition for Thanksgiving. With new teeth, you can fill your plate with everything you want, not just the soft, beige foods that are easy to eat. You can keep eating the mashed potatoes and rolls – not because you have to but because you want to. The key is dental ...

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Tips before Dental Surgery

5 Tips to Prepare for Dental Surgery

calendar_month August 1, 2021


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is a cliche you hear a LOT. That’s because it’s true! At Greg D. Bobier, DMD we want to make sure every aspect of your procedure goes well, including your recovery. Planning ahead helps avoid problems after oral surgery and ensures you are as comfortable as possible. Check out our five tips to ...

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Brush Up on Proper Toothbrushing Tips

calendar_month June 1, 2021


June 26 is National Toothbrush Day. Sure, we realize not many people other than dental professionals look forward to this annual celebration. But proper toothbrushing can make a huge difference in your smile’s overall health and appearance. In the long run, it can prevent extractions. It can also improve the success of tooth replacements like ...

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Conquering Dental Anxiety

Renew Your Smile With Dental Implants

calendar_month May 1, 2021


You don't have to continue putting up with missing and damaged teeth. Dr. Gregg Bobier can renew your smile with dental implants, giving you back a beautiful smile and robust bite. With our help, you can soon: Eat and enjoy all your favorite foods again. Talk more plainly so you avoid embarrassment. Smile with more confidence ...

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Fall in Love With Your Smile With Dental Implants

calendar_month February 1, 2021


The year is going by quickly and Valentine's Day is nearly upon us! You might be wondering what Valentine's Day has to do with dentistry. We're going to tell you… If you've been suffering from a smile marred by missing or damaged teeth, you understand all too well the hassles this can cause. You may be forced to settle for a bland diet of ...

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Holiday Meal

Enjoy Holiday Meals With Implant Dentures

calendar_month December 1, 2020


Sitting down to a table full of holiday treats is a favorite tradition for many of us. You may not enjoy it like you used to, though, if dentures have affected your ability to chew and eat food. Unlike conventional dentures, implant dentures give you a strong bite that makes it possible to enjoy your favorite dishes again. Thanks to his oral ...

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Tips to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Surgery

How to Have an Easy Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Surgery

calendar_month November 1, 2020


If you’re having wisdom teeth surgery, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure you enjoy a smooth recovery. We’re sharing tips with you here, from how to clean your teeth to foods to avoid to pain management strategies. With his decades of experience and specialized training, Dr. Gregg Bobier will ensure both your wisdom teeth procedure ...

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New Oral Surgery Blog

Stay Up to Date With Our New Oral Surgery Blog in Oakland County, MI

calendar_month September 20, 2020


We hope you are enjoying our website. We also want to introduce our new oral surgery blog in Oakland County, MI. It will give you timely tips and advice to help you maintain good oral health and a beautiful smile. Check back here often for the latest updates. If you need to make an appointment, just give ...

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