Bone Grafts


Become a Candidate For Implants With Bone Grafts


If you want to get dental implants to replace your missing teeth but have been told your jawbone isn’t strong enough, we’d love to help. Using bone grafts, the team at Gregg D. Bobier, DMD can make your bone stronger and suitable for implants. Our treatment can help you enjoy all these benefits of dental implants:



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Improve Your Smile With a Bone Graft Procedure


If you’ve been missing teeth for a while, or have a condition leading to bone loss, it's possible your jawbone will atrophy or be reabsorbed. This can cause the quality and quantity of bone to degenerate and not be suitable for dental implants. In the majority of these cases, patients will not be eligible for a dental implant procedure.


With medical advances we now have the ability to grow bone where needed. A bone graft procedure allows us to place dental implants in a strong foundation and restore your appearance and functionality.


When your jaw is strong enough for implants, Dr. Bobier can then insert the implants into your jawbone to serve as replacement teeth roots. Your implants will need to fuse with the bone before new teeth are attached to them. Once the healing and fusing process is complete, you can get your replacement teeth and enjoy a beautiful smile and restored chewing capacity.


Dr. Bobier can also perform sinus lifts, which is a bone graft for your upper jaw, and ridge augmentations, which build up the jaw ridge for implants or to make the ridge’s appearance more appealing.


We can make dental implants a possibility with a bone graft. Call us today at 248-625-4492 to schedule a consultation.


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Common Questions About Bone Grafts


What are bone grafts?

We may recommend a bone graft procedure if you want dental implants but your jawbone isn’t strong or dense enough to support them. Dr. Bobier will take bone material and skillfully place it where the bone needs to be built up. Over time, new bone cells will grow in the area, making the bone strong enough for implants and new replacement teeth.


Are bone grafts safe?

Yes, bone grafts are a completely safe procedure. Dr. Bobier has performed this treatment many times over his 20-plus-year career as an oral surgeon. With his experience and specialty training, you can feel comfortable relying on him for your care. He’ll use time-tested, predictable techniques to place the bone material so that soon you’ll be able to get your implants.


Are bone grafts painful?

One of our highest priorities is delivering comfortable care to each patient. Your bone graft procedure will be no different. We’ll completely numb the area where the bone material is to be placed so that you don’t feel any discomfort. In addition, we can administer IV sedation if you want an extra level of relaxation during your procedure.