Bone Grafts


Make Your Jaw Whole Again With Bone Grafts in Rochester MI


There are several reasons you might require a bone graft. Whatever the reason you need one, you can feel confident with Dr. Gregg Bobier’s skills to do the job right. He has been serving the area’s oral surgery needs for over 20 years. Our bone grafts in Rochester can help you:



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Strengthen Your Jaw With a Bone Graft Procedure


Most of the time, a bone graft is used to help a patient who needs one or more dental implants. Implants require that you have enough healthy bone to make the implant stable. After placement in your jaw, the implants and your jawbone will fuse together, allowing the implant to become a sturdy base for a new tooth.


However, if your jawbone is not thick enough or dense enough to support an implant, a bone graft will be needed. We can take a small amount of bone from another part of your body, such as your knee, hip, or even another area of your jaw, or we can use donor bone or synthetic bone material.


Dr. Bobier will place the bone in your jaw, and new bone cells will begin to grow around it. In a few months, your jaw will be ready for implants. We can then insert the implants in your jawbone and allow the fusing process to begin. Soon, you’ll be ready to get your new replacement teeth.


We can also perform sinus lifts, which are bone grafts for your upper jaw. Ridge augmentations are also done here. These build up the ridge of your jaw to make it strong enough for implants or for aesthetic reasons.

Dr. Bobier and our team can help you decide if a bone graft is needed for your situation. Give us a call today at 248-625-4492 to find out more about bone grafts in Rochester.


Common Questions About Bone Grafts


What are bone grafts?

A bone graft is a procedure where Dr. Bobier takes a small amount of bone material – either your own bone, bone from a donor, or synthetic bone – and places it in the area of your jawbone that’s weak. This will stimulate the bone to produce new bone cells, strengthening your jaw and making it suitable for dental implant placement.


Are bone grafts safe?

Bone grafts are absolutely safe, especially in the skilled hands of a specialist such as Dr. Bobier. He and our entire team are trained to perform bone grafts and other surgical procedures using the best techniques available, so you can rest confidently in our ability to do the job correctly, efficiently, safely, and comfortably.


Are bone grafts painful?

Before we begin your bone graft procedure, Dr. Bobier will make sure that the area we’re working on is completely numb. We don’t want you to feel any discomfort whatsoever. In addition, if you’re nervous about your procedure, you’re welcome to take advantage of IV sedation that will put you in a sleeplike state.