Oral Pathology


We Can Keep Your Mouth Healthy With Oral Pathology in Rochester


Did you know that the health of your mouth is a window into the health of your body? If your mouth is suffering from disease, it could indicate that you have other health concerns in the rest of your body. That’s why oral pathology in Rochester is so important. Dr. Bobier can assess the condition of your mouth and recommend treatment as necessary so you can:



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Trust the Skills of an Expert Oral Surgeon


For more than 20 years, Dr. Gregg Bobier has been taking care of his patients’ oral surgery needs using the latest dental technology. He is an accomplished and trained oral surgeon with all these qualifications:



This means that you can feel comfortable trusting your oral health to Dr. Bobier and our dedicated team. If you’ve noticed an unusual spot or lump inside your mouth, or if you just need a regular screening, we’ll examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer or other oral pathological issues that indicate larger health concerns.


If we do find a suspicious spot, we will most likely take a biopsy to send to our lab partner for analysis. But don’t worry – the biopsy takes only a minute and will be completely comfortable. After we get the results back from the lab, we’ll let you know what we found out and make any recommendations for treatment as needed.


Oral pathology serving Rochester can keep your mouth healthy. Call Gregg D. Bobier, DMD today at 248-625-4492 to schedule an appointment.


Common Questions About Oral Pathology


What is oral pathology?

Oral pathology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth, jaw, and neck. It is important because the healthier your mouth is, the healthier your whole body will be. The mouth is like a window into your total body health. Lesions and bumps in the mouth can indicate oral cancer or more extensive problems in the rest of the body.


How can oral pathology help me?

Oral pathology can benefit you by allowing us to catch and treat problems such as oral cancer early on. The sooner we can provide treatment for oral problems, the better the outcome will be. Oral pathology can help you avoid significant problems with your teeth, your gums, and the rest of your mouth.


Who performs oral pathology?

Oral pathology is performed partly by Dr. Bobier in our office and partly by a lab technician. If we see a potential problem area in your mouth, we will most likely take a biopsy, a small tissue sample. We’ll then send it to the lab where a technician analyzes it. They will send us a report with an evaluation of the sample, and Dr. Bobier can recommend treatment accordingly if needed.